Pilot week (cheat week) — #biotracking

I’m starting a series of weekly posts about my health and so called biohacking routines and insights i’m getting from mindful approach to my health

Disclaimer #1: purpose of this post series is fist of all to create a weekly routine of self-reflection for myself. Secondly this is also might seen as a way of sharing insights i’m getting from following longevity and biohacking routines with my friends. I’m practicing mindful approach to my health for a while already and recently realised a need in tracking and capturing insights as well as some mean of sharing it

Disclaimer #2: I’m not an MD and all my practices, insights and recommendations should be taken with a grain of salt

Disclaimer #3: Each post in this serious consists of 3 parts: (i) 3 reflections on week past — my health performance and fulfilment of past commitments (ii) 3 insights (iii) 3 actions for the coming week


(i) Last week. Diet: Basic intermittent fasting protocol followed: 1 day — 36+ hours, the rest of the week 14–18 hours of fasting daily. Keto diet for 3 days, carbs, mainly in a form of fruits for the rest of the week. Measurements: Managed to keep all key measurements (sugar, wight, ketosis, metabolic level etc.) on an average level but with several days of major deviations from average due to some cheating. Activities and mindfulness: 7 days of mediations 20–25min a day. 6 days of workouts with 2 days of really intensive training.

(ii) Weekly insights: (a) Need to eliminate cheat days. Whole logic of cheat days is quite wrong. It’s easy to find justification for cheat days almost every week or some time several times a week (family occasion, physical or mental stress, vacation, intense workout etc.) — i had at least 3 cheat occasions this week with good reason. Meanwhile cheat days with wrong good are causing major inflammation stress to your body which last at least 2–3 days and have even more long term health consequences. (b) Start fighting for healthy food choices for our kids. Amount of unhealthy food choices consumed by our is enormous and moderate effort in that area does not really help even for our own kid. Need for stronger actions and more consistent push. (c) After 3rd week of practicing mindfulness with Muse realised that it’s almost impossible to change your mind status in a course of 20–30 min meditation — though it’s still feels beneficial you stay more or less in mind state you started. (d) Major deviations of results on blood vs respiratory keto trackers but directionally they are aligned. (e) Overall higher level of energy after switching from 20/4 fasting protocol with one meal a day.

(iii) Next week commitments. (a) No cheat days (b) start evening mindfulness routines in the evening 15–30 min(c) renew breath training during the day and in the evening

Smth I promise in a nearest future: big post on health measurement as an absolutely must first step for longevity and hacking your health

Evgeny is passionate about biotracking and bringing scientific and business like approach to personal physical and mental health